nomination: Building Business Golden Green Award 2010

Care center Petterhusterstate Stiens

"Healing Environment" interior supports memory

Occasionally you come across places so beautiful that you don’t want to build anything there. But sometimes you have to. KAW found such a place in the middle of the village Stiens, a historic farm in Amsterdam School style, surrounded by grassland. The meadow was designated as the new location for social housing units.

Environment influences design

To minimize the influence on the environment, KAW designed a building that enhances the character of the landscape. The complex has a green roof framed by a striking border. Special is that one side of the roof is being lengthed over the facade. This creates a unification of the landscape and the building. The wide landscape is honored by the spacious design of the apartments. The tranquil colors are consistent with the adjacent farmhouse, build in the early 20th century.

The setting of the village was leading for the design of the care building

The setting of the village was leading for the design of the care building

Connection with neighbourhood

The care center consist of four buildings, each containing six residential units for people with Alzheimer’s or cognitive impairments. At the square you’ll find a servicepoint, accessible for everyone that is in need of care.

Designed for the residents

The principal question for KAW was: How can the interior design support the life quality of its residents? Niches in the common living room provide access to the private rooms of the residents. Each room has a different colour and its own memorabilia to make it personal. This way, KAW created a form of social housing for people with Alzheimer’s or cognitive impairments in the beautiful environment of the Stiens village.

De "memory wall" helpt de bewoners bij de oriëntatie in hun huis

The “memory wall” helps residents with orientation in their home

What makes this building green

The buildings’ green appearance has been achieved by one dominant design feature; that of the partly vertical vegetated roofs. The green roof is a layer of vegetation with underneath additional layers such as a root barrier and drainage and irrigation system. The greenroof functions as a water storage, which leads rainwater into ditches instead of in the sewer.

Profile Petterhústerstaete Stiens

Profile Petterhústerstaete Stiens

Energy efficiency is realised by a good design set-up of the building. We make a building with low energy demand. Besides that, we reduce the exploitation costs through justified additional investments. An electric heat pump extracts heat from the groundwater at 80 meter deep, generating water with a temperature of 35°C used for room heating. The same geothermal system cools the rooms in summer. Tapwater heating is done by solar collectors. The mechanical ventilation system both supplies fresh air and removes exhaust air. A heat recovery unit uses the exhaust air and has an efficiency of h = 90%.

Besides the design, KAW also adviced on:
• procedures and regulations
• communication with residents
• domotics